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American football is a game played between two teams with 11 players each. The uniforms worn by American football players include American football jerseys, shorts, pants, gloves, helmets, socks, shoes, etc. In addition, we are specialized in custom sublimated youth football uniforms, custom football jerseys, American football uniforms, custom football gloves, girls football uniforms, custom kids football jerseys, and many more.

If you want to design your custom youth football uniforms, 7on7 uniforms, or custom jerseys for your team, you are at the right place. This platform designs all kinds of football uniforms, 7on7 football uniforms and apparel from our expert football uniform designers.

We have a massive designing department with lots of football uniforms designers all are experts and work professionally. Our youth football uniforms are made of 100% breathable polyester, whether your American football uniforms, youth football uniforms,  complete football suits, etc. All are made with high-quality fabric, used 290gsm Lycra fabric on the neck, 180gsm dazzle fabric on shoulders to make football jerseys more flexible and durable.

With our comfortable sublimated football jerseys designs, custom 7 on 7 jerseys, your team can play better and more confidently. We deliver worldwide if you get tired of late deliveries so don’t worry more because we deliver in maximum 3-4 weeks or the given time to the customers.

Our goal is to make our clients happy to provide them excellent quality American football uniforms and other custom apparel. Give your team identity with our sleeveless football jerseys and pants.

Design Your American Football Uniforms & Youth Football Uniforms Exactly How You Want!

Now customize American football uniforms, gloves, shorts, uniforms for youth, sublimated jerseys and knitted custom football socks with bear sports wear. We have unique football jersey design for kids, practice jerseys, custom football pants, and many more related to football uniform.

If you have your inspiration in a team football uniform, send us online and tell us about your required color, logos, and players names.

You can send us your football jersey ideas for your football team. We have many colors for your custom youth football uniforms. Your football team names and logos won’t peel off or crack. Easy to wash in washing machine colors won’t fade.

Sublimated American Football Uniforms and Youth football Uniforms

  • Cheap custom football jerseys.
  • Free consultation with our experts.
  • High-quality fabric used in football uniforms.
  • Custom football sleeveless jerseys made with 100% polyester.
  • Custom 7 on 7 uniforms are durable and flexible.
  • Affordable and cheap football uniforms.
  • Every size is available in custom football uniforms for men, women, and kids.
  • No extra charges or hidden fees.
  • Superior quality football uniforms with lots of colors and unique designs.
  • Submit us your designs online.
  • Cheap and affordable football uniforms- we don’t sacrifice on quality.
  • Make your team more elegant with our American football uniforms and sublimated youth football uniforms, and play like a pro.

FAQs on American Football and Football uniforms


What is a football uniform called?

In football, the kit is a term that refers to what each team wears. The sport’s rules specify the minimum outfit that players must wear and prohibit them from using anything dangerous or harmful for themselves or other players in play.

Why do American football players wear Armour?

Football players rely heavily on protective equipment to minimize injury. From a plastic helmet with padding for the head, shoulder pads that keep them safe from tackles at all angles of contact, and knee braces in case they get tackled, low-football’s safety features have improved dramatically over time!

Do NFL players wear cups?

NFL players are notorious for not wearing cups. They say it interferes with their stride and makes them slow down while running the field, but don’t worry-I’m sure NFL teams can find some creative way to get around this rule!

Why do football players wear black under their eyes?

Eye black is grease or strips applied under the eyes to reduce glare, although studies have not proven its effectiveness. It’s often used by American football, baseball, and softball players for bright sunlight in stadiums. Lacrosse gamers love it too, because their team colors make them stand out against all those white jerseys.

Why do American football players wear so much padding?

The pads at the shoulders are strung on tight webbing and deform when they hit something. They distribute shock through a larger cushion that protects players from injury and regulates their body temperature during games or practices with this type of equipment.

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