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The official volleyball uniform consists of a two-piece jersey and volleyball shorts, but standard equipment players wear volleyball kneepads, volleyball shoes, volleyball socks, sweat pants, and sweat jackets.

Things to consider before buying Youth volleyball uniforms.

Comfortable fabric- for Youth volleyball jerseys, the best choice is polyester as it is light weighted, breathable, and offers moisture management. Cotton fabric is an option if you are more concerned about being comfortable while playing. However, cotton isn’t the best choice as it holds moisture.

Lightweight volleyball uniforms- Modern-day jerseys are made of synthetic material designed to keep the player cool and more comfortable during competition.

Youth volleyball jerseys for hot gyms- usually in modern-day volleyball uniforms and apparel are synthetic material. It keeps the volleyball player cool and comfortable even in your hot gyms.

High schools, Clubs, & College volleyball team jerseys

Are you looking for high school, clubs, and college volleyball designs uniform for your volleyball team?

Bear Sportswear has many youth volleyball jerseys, girls volleyball jerseys, boys volleyball uniforms, kids volleyball shirts designs, clubs volleyball jerseys, custom volleyball shirts and other volleyball apparel designs you can pick any of your favorite ones for your team. If you have some excellent volleyball shirt ideas and designs for your youth volleyball team uniforms, please send us and let us know about your volleyball team uniform designs and details. We will make customized volleyball jerseys and uniforms according to your requirements and send it to your doorstep.

Customize Your Own Sublimated Youth Volleyball Jerseys Designs

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  • Durable, comfortable, and keeps the player cool while playing.
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FAQs on Custom Volleyball Uniforms & Jerseys


What clothing do you wear in volleyball?

Women wear sung T-Shirt jerseys with tight, very short spandex bike shorts, while men wear sleeveless jerseys with athletic basketball style shorts that hit just above the knees.

What do you wear to beach volleyball?

Many beach volleyball players wants to wear breathable and loose clothes like tank tops and shorts, which keeps the player cool and easy to move quickly in.

Why is volleyball uniform different?

The libero wears shirts with different color, so the referee can easily spot them and enforce the rules of that position.

What do you wear under a volleyball jersey?

It depends on the athlete body type or personal choice, but the solution is seamless thong or boy shorts, or a V-string or g-string.

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