Custom Sublimated Lacrosse Uniforms, Custom Lacrosse Jerseys & Custom Lacrosse Pinnies

Lacrosse is one of the most physical sports played with a lacrosse stick and lacrosse ball. When we talk about custom sublimated lacrosse uniforms, Bear sportswear is a perfect choice for lacrosse outfits.

We specialize in custom lacrosse uniforms, custom lacrosse pinnies, custom lacrosse shirts, custom lacrosse shorts, women lacrosse uniforms, women lacrosse skirts with superior quality. When it comes to durability and colors that won’t fade, peel, crack and come off in the wash.

That process of dye sublimation will give you the ability to display your team colors and logos proudly. Custom making lacrosse jerseys for your player based on sizing, position, and names.

We offer you to customize sublimated lacrosse uniforms, every inch of the uniforms can be customized any way you want. If you are tired of late deliveries, here is one more good news for our clients, we deliver turnaround 3-4 weeks or the given time to the customers.

Our sublimated lacrosse uniforms are designed according to your requirements and best suited to your team. There are so many designs of our custom lacrosse uniforms, custom lacrosse jerseys, custom lacrosse pinnies, lacrosse skirts, and lacrosse apparel. You can pick any of them for your team and let us know about your team’s colors, names, and logos.

If you have your own lacrosse design, you can submit us online. Give your team identity with our sublimated lacrosse uniforms.

Benefits of Our Custom Sublimated Lacrosse Uniforms & Sublimated Lacrosse Jerseys

  • Free design consultation with our lacrosse uniform expert designers.
  • Pick any design for your lacrosse team and submit to us.
  • Player names and numbers are included in pricing.
  • No hidden fees or charges.
  • Affordable custom lacrosse uniforms, lacrosse reversible jerseys, & sublimated lacrosse pinnies.
  • We work for our client’s satisfaction.
  • High-quality fabric as quality matters.
  • 100% premium polyester reversible lacrosse jerseys and sublimated lacrosse shorts.
  • Submit your inspiration online and let us know about your player details.
  • Super durable better than other traditional lacrosse shirts.
  • Delivery timing 3-4 weeks.
  • Colors, names, logos won’t peel off, fade, crack or come off in the wash.
  • We are available 24 hours, click on the Quote button fill the form with the basic information we will be back to you soon.
  • Every inch will customize your lacrosse jersey according to your requirements.
  • Play more confidently with our sublimated lacrosse uniforms.

FAQs on Lacrosse Uniforms BearSportsWear:

What is the uniform for lacrosse?

The first thing you need for this sport, besides excellent skills and agility, of course, is an outfit that fits well so your body can do what it needs to! A typical set consists of jersey pants, gloves, shoe helmet, face mask mouthpiece, all worn by someone who wants nothing more than victory today- but no one knows precisely how they’ll get there until the game time arrives.

What are lacrosse jerseys made of?

Lacrosse jerseys are made of 100% polyester, a durable, lightweight fabric best known for its use in sports jerseys and uniforms. Polyester mesh provides just enough ventilation without compromising breathability, so you can stay relaxed during even high-intensity workouts like running drills or playing defence on a hot day!

Why do girls wear skirts in lacrosse?

The MCLA (Women’s Lacrosse League) has a long tradition of wearing skirts as part of their uniform. Some players enjoy it and feel very strongly about them. In contrast, others do not like the idea since they always ride up when playing any sport with shorts on, such as soccer or football; more comfortable than trying to balance yourself out in high heels!

Are pads required in lacrosse?

To play lacrosse, you must wear a certain amount of protective gear. This includes elbow and shoulder pads that protect the arms from getting injured when hit by other players’ sticks or balls. In addition, it’s recommended for boys who want extra protection on their upper body because some also wear full arm guards in case anything goes wrong with one particular spot!

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